I Need To Post This Love History

Sorry, but I can’t resist to post this.
I know that it’s not a Love Message… but this history had be posted in a Blog like this.

Today I received an e-mail from Adam Donkus asking me how to be part of 1 Million Love Messages Project.

In that mail he told me about his love story with Elizabeth.
I asked him if I could publish it… and here it is:

“…would love to send one to my Girlfriend Lizzie Bean whom I live and work with.
We met when I was selling insurance door to door.
I sold her several policies that day, but forgot all about her.
I do remember saying to my self, if she did not smoke.
I would not mind being involved with her.
A year or so later, I was on Yahoo dating and I met her, but did not know we had previously met.
Not until the first date did we realize we had met.
I think it was God’s will that we should be together, and I thank him everyday for bringing us together…
Perhaps that day I asked God to let me be with her, and he said wait.
The wait was well worth it for both of us, since we both had to go through some life changes before we were ready.”

By Adam Donkus

Thank You Adam for sharing this great history with us.
All the happiness in this world for you and Lizzie.

Note: Sorry for some mistakes in my English! I’m trying to improve it 🙂

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