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Love Message From:    inievillegas
Age & Location:     25 philippines
Love Message To:    sangtae lee
Age & Location:    35 korea
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in everyday we share together i always wanted to say i love you whisper in your ear how much u mean to me. u light up my life since i met u. i promise to myself i will love you in whole life i took care of you as my prince and im your servant i followed whatever u ask me to, because i want to give you the best i can in my life i always wanted to kiss you hug you showing my passion of love the way i feel its very incridebly intense. my life turn in you always im have been a fooled by you either way doesnt matter i just thought you will change i can wait till the time will come and you will love me back as i did i dont believe in every words that they said to me i only heard what my heart saying its sad that i cant resist of loving u i cant forget u even im so far away ur always in my mind nevertheless i want u to be man who can give me a beautiful kids someday sad to say that it wont happen bec i knew your situation but you are part of me who can made me happiest woman in the world i hope i can always be given h love i felt every moment in my life i think im become obsses loving u.

i want you to be happy and succesful man someday it doesnt matter hard to say goodbye but this is our faith to be just part of love given by God. honey i love you as i always told u so many times pls let me embrased u with my heart and soul to give u some caress and inspiration to the years come and for your journey
its hard to say i will let you go but this is the truth that we need to be indepedent to each other goodbye honey
and i love so much your the only man that i have given this kind of precious love in the whole world thank you for making me happy in our 5years relationship all i want in everymoment in my life is YOU!!! no other than u ur my life . happy new year!!! GOD BLESS YOU my honey. love you love you love you….

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