Love Message -1458-

Love Message From:    Me
Age & Location:    35 in this world
Love Message To:    You
Age & Location:    36 i guess
Your Message:

First time i saw YOU, we are just about 13 years… and i said to my self “yeah, you r as good as they said” cause everybody in school was talking about u as a new student in my school. Then i forgot till days after that i hear a boy called my name over & over every time i went home from school… days by days… you keep calling my name.
Till someday u just appeared in front of my home and calling out my name.
After that we became closer, and u said that i am ur girl. I am so happy but it was so short time when suddenly u said that we better off cause ur friend was like me too. You pulled yourself away and every time i walk through u, u just pretend that u don’t know me… than u disappeared… from me, from school, from ur home.
I heard rumors u fought with ur dad, u ran away from home. since that i prayed everyday for God to keep u save, to take u in His path always and for God not to let u go from His sight.
I pray days… months… years… no year i passed without thinking and pray for you, as i wondering where and how is ur life.
until someday when i was 19 u showed up on my door again and say hello, just hello and went away once again without letting me know where,what and how is ur life than.
I thank God for that day knowing u r alright, but again wondering about u and regret for not knowing ur phone or else.
And the prays keep going every time i remember u…
This year, when i am 35, u found me on facebook and i saw some pictures of yours which make me realize that GOD really do answered prayers.
you r not just ok, u really r in Gods path and I can saw from your pics that the path u through is not easy but God really change and save you.
From you i learn so much… to care… to love… to pray… to believe in God. And from u, I know that God is so real and He really do care about us and He answered prayers beautifully.
Because u r my First Love.

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