Love Message -1460-

Love Message From:    RabiaSensei
Age & Location:    28 , Malaysia
Love Message To:    My Dear
Age & Location:    31, Malaysia
Your Message:

Thank you for teaching me to be strong,
Thank you for being there when I need you the most,
Thank you for listening to my boring, non-stop talks,
Thank you for being my friend, my family, my motivator, my lover,
Thank you for the patience that you have been shown,
Thank you for the time that you have spent for me,
Thank you for the things that you give it to me, I keep it as my treasure,
Thank you for your kind and tenderness, it touch my heart,
Thank you for your attention that you shower me with,
Thank you for the sweet memories that we share together,
Thank you for your Love.
I love you. I do.

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