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Love Message From:    edu
Age & Location:    23, abu dhabi united arab emirates
Love Message To:    mercedes
Age & Location:    26,iligan philppines
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i dont know how the gods made you!!for such a wonderfull person like you do exist.. cause a true person like you is a gift! a gift that i ever wanted for so long!! with distance on between us we still let our self feel the passion of being inlove for all the times that we shared laughter and sadness may be the witness on how we show our presence!! sometimes we argue but great couple do argue even things are all nonsense but everytiimes its over our feelings will be always healed and grow bigger!! thank you for the tender loving care that you always show!! even we are separated for a thousands of miles , still its ok cause great time happens for a reason!! miss you so much!! you just let me feel that im secure every single day here away from you!! thats thats the reason why im still holding on you tight cause i know time will let us be with!!
im coming home soon!! take care always!! miss you so much chief!! loving you will always mean to me!! dont even have the words to describe how lucky i am to have you in my life!! love you more every now and then!!

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