Love Message -1901-

Love Message From:    Shayu
Age & Location:    19,Panaji
Love Message To:    Aaru
Age & Location:    18,Meerut
Your Message:

Dear aarti,
wherever you are, I hope you are hale and hearty. I have been trying to call you since the day you went off.Sent a courier and it claims that you have got the mail.But why arent you replying? You know it, I get really worried about you and cant pass a day without your thoughts.
Aisa apno se koi bartav karta hai kya kabhi?

So please dear wherever you are, contact me as soon as possible. I`m waiting.


To all you readers-I tried every mean to get to her but couldnt, do me a favor share this message,it might reach her someday.I really need her.

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