Love Message -1990-

Love Message From:    Me
Age & Location:    Wonderland
Love Message To:    You
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It’s two twenty, starting to get late, kind of, i guess. you only went to sleep about forty five minutes ago. i just finished rereading all of our messages since middecember. and i don’t want to sleep. and i don’t know what to do, as usual. i can’t stop fucking crying, and i can’t stop wishing that i was with you. i want you. i want you becos i just want to be yours, and i want you in a sexual way, and i want you in the way that i just have to have you near me. my soul and my heartbeat need you and your voice and your skin and your smile. i have the most major crush on you. there is no one that could ever be as perfect, as you for me. and i’m trying to be perfect for you. i will do anything. i could never not want you. i want to sleep beside you every night for the rest of my life. i want to be young with you, and i want to grow old with you. i want to be exhausted and sad with you, and i want to be happy with you, be excited with you. i want you to laugh at me. you’re so beautiful that i could cry about that, too. you are my heaven i love you. i love you so much that it’s frustrating. but, it’s a lovely kind of frustrating. you’re my best friend. i love being stupid and cute with you. i love talking to you on the phone. i love dancing with you. i love being your babygirl. falling in love with you was probably the best thing i’ve ever done. you are worth more than everything i am and everything i have. i know you must be getting sick of me and my bad moods. i’m sorry. for everything. and i’m sorry for everytime i haven’t apologized. i’m sorry for being so clumsy, and everytime i’ve hurt your back, or your knees, or your feelings. i’m so grateful that i have you. you could never even start to understand how much you mean to me. i love you

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