Love Message -2086-

Love Message From:    yoshii
Age & Location:    20, phil
Love Message To:    dady kentoii
Age & Location:    20, phil
Your Message:


this day drives me crazy thats why i had guts to write over here. you may not be able to read this or never read at all.. but i just would like the world to know how much i miss you like hell and how it drives me crazy.. pretty soon u’ll gonna leave.. and by that time, i don’t knpw what life is for me.. hehe.. but, no matter how far you can be from me, you’ll always be in my heart and thats not so far anyway. ayt?? 🙂 i’ll always love you so.. and i dont mind how long i’l wait til the day of your return. ILOVEYOU n’ IMISSYOU. I miss you and me together! ilyddy..

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