Love Message -2112-

Love Message From:    Jaypee Oculares
Age & Location:    19 yrs old and Cal. City
Love Message To:    Mechiel Ignacio
Age & Location:    20 yrs old and Sauyo Q.C
Your Message:

To my [JC]Asawa KOH you are my small world of happiness, you are my sweet moment, you are the one I love with all my heart , you are my true love and u will be, until breath and life ends. These 4 months have been the best months of my life. To end this letter one thing that I can say for you “One girl like you is enough 2 live for the whole life. But, one life is not enough 2 live with a girl like you…” Happy monthsary [JC]Asawa KOH, you are my one and only, always and forever.


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