Love Message -2752-

Love Message From: Jacy Cura
Love Message To: Kathleen Fajilago

Love Message:
Hi babe ,even if were so far for each other I still love you . Iloveyou so much and I can love you more than this. No words can explain how much I love you . I ask God for angel and he gave you to me. . I can’t even imagine my life without you . I know from the start that I’m just your best friend . But know your my best girl friend forever ;)) tayo mag papatunay Ng forever babe lol . Uhmm . I love you ;)) forever and ever I will love you protect you and I want to spend my day just to make you smile ;)) ikaw at ako di na muling magkakalayo ;)) . Forever tayo ;)) . People say,we shouldn’t be together to young to know about forever but I say they don’t know what they talk talk talkin about :)) . I love you.

Love Message -2752-

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