Love Message -2760-

Love Message From: Shano Shayu
Location: Goa, India
Love Message To: Pishe Pacchu
Location: Goa, India

Love Message:
The last 6 months of my life have been the happiest but the last 10 days have been the saddest.
We were so happy together P2,
and then hell broke loose and you walked away.
From that day I am in a daze,
I am in shock. Its one thing i cannot believe happened.
Why did you show me dreams when you had to shatter them one day?
Why did you make me smile when you had tears ahead for me?
My heart asks questions my mind cannot answer.
I gave my 100% for this relationship and now I have nothing.
why did you break my heart?
Why did you fall in love?
why did you go away away..away…?

Love Message -2760-

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  1. malang says:

    i want to be in love

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