Love Message -2803-

Love Message From: J.Z.L
Location: Philippines
Love Message To: Mikko M Miranda
Location: Philippines

Love Message:
Just want to say thank you, thank you for everthing, for all your efforts, for all those precious moments you’ve shared with me. Those are very special to me, coz your my first. I want to share how thankful and blessed i am having you. I just dont want to loose those days being with you coz until now, even if were in this relationship for almost 5 years, yes it’s been 5 years since we’ve met. I just don’t understand why i feel like until now i don’t know if your the one for me, sounds crazy right? But its true. Im very confused, i dont know if i can even give that full trust on this relationship. Its not that i dont trust you, i know we both made or might make mistakes, that ‘s normal, nobody’s perfect. I do understamd that, coz iloveyou. I really do, im sorry if i dont even show it or even tell those words you want to hear from me,but i really do love you w/ all my heart that’s the truth and believe me, im always thanking God of giving me you every day of my life and of course for all the blessings as well and your one of those blessings i want to keep forever,(hope its foerever?) Sounds funny but still until now i dont know if your my forever, dont blame yourself, its just me, maybe i still do’nt understand what that means to me. I dont know,im just afraid of getting heartaches, i hope you understand.
I still remember when we first met. I do remember everything, when you call my name, when you whisper I love you.I’d still remember.that first I love you you whispered to my ear that one night after school (don’t think anything silly OK?=P). My first birthday w/ you and of course your first birthday w/ me. The way you sing a song for me, looking to my eyes,that was so sweet and I miss you singing like that again. Those first holiday’s and vacations w/ you and w/ our families, that was so wonderful! Can’t. Stop thinking of those precious days we’ve spent together. Those first fights we’ve been through, I just smile and realized that were like kids that time. Now, I’m missing all those things, I understand we need to grow, we need to be mature enough to face again these new chapters of our lives. I just miss seeing you as happy as you are before, Co I can’t see that in your eyes now. I just felt so sorry, you don’t deserve this, I want you to be happy, and I think I’m not the one who could fulfill that happiness for you. Cause I love you, I want you to be happier but I can’t see that now. It hurts but I need toaccept the fact that were not meant for each other. I hope you see how much I love you, I can sacrifice myself for you. Were both busy improving our own lives now and were both working on our relationship as well, I just can’t help blaming myself for ignoring your efforts, your time for me. I don’t want you to waste that feeling of yours cause I don’t deserve that, you deserve better, better than me, even if it hurts, if it’s for you then I’ll be happy to do it.
I just want to share what I feel now. I feel so sorry, for everything I’ve done.I hope you’ll understand, I love you, but I need to say goodbye. And I hope you’ll remember me the way I remember you. God gave me such a perfect time meeting you, and enjoy life w/ you. And I’ll keep that in my heart forever. Remember me that way mikko.

Love Message -2803-

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