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Love Message From:    LOVISH
Age & Location:    24
Love Message To:    LOVISH
Age & Location:    27

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Meeting you took me by surprise
That thing about you is I never saw it coming
Now you always gets me wondering
Of thoughts of you I kept on wishing
For a special moments of us always together
How could I now cease myself from feeling this crazy?
When your glances chills me so much
When your smile is the best part of my day
When your story is the only thing I wanted to hear every minute passing
And every time you move an inch closer my heart rattles
How could I become like this to someone I know so wrong
To someone who’s so clear to me not worthy
To someone who’s with someone else when I am not around
To someone who put tears to every girl swindled
To someone who speaks so true but deep inside all lies
Why would I be like this to someone that can never be mine?
This is giving me so much headache and worry
I wanted to regain my lost self but I can’t
I truly can’t as I am too drown of you
I can’t breath anymore without you
You always leaving me no air
I find this world so cruel and unfair
If this is love how could this be so painful?
I am terribly sore and so much hurting
If I could only turn back the hands of time
If only I could avoid the first time I laid my eyes on you
Don’t you know that I would trade anything I have in this world
Just to make sure our path wouldn’t cross at all?
Guess my life wouldn’t be this complicated
Guess my life would have been the way as I planned before
So how am I supposed to wake up each day without this weight in my heart
I’m in so much pain of wanting you and fear of losing sane
But I got to be strong, I got to be firm
Got to use this last drop of strength before I go crazy
I’ve got to do it now while I still can
I hate to say goodbye, I hate to let you go
I hate to forget you but I have to

Because I hate the fact that I love you this true…

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