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I care.
A hell of a lot more than you realise.
If i had one wish it would be to be in love with you again.
I can’t convince you that i still have feelings for you but Im trying to be strong for both of us so we can get no with our separate lives.
Sometimes i fail at being strong, and i know it confuses you but baby i care. I promise i care.
You’re the only person in my life that i feel for from my heart. I can feel the physical tug on my heart when i think about you.
I love you as a person. Not as a boyfriend. Not as a friend. As i person. And it means i think you’re amazing, the best person i know, it means Im proud of all the great things you do, it means i want you to succeed, i believe in you. It means i want you to be happy, even if that means with another girl.
It means i want you to find the confidence in yourself and believe in yourself.

It means a lot, to be loved as a person, well it does in my opinion x

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