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Love Message From:    yellow frog
Age & Location:    aging …
Love Message To:    paavam dumb girl !!
Age & Location:    aged !
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From your loving husband .. who had to bear your nags over the past 1 year 21 days.. and who had to bear your experiments with food cuisines !! .. this is a heartful message to say I love you.. for all your idiosyncrasies.. and your craziness and your laziness and your lipidness..

If i were to write one thing here it would be that i won’t write this again … 🙂 .. anyway what i like about you .. is that your a loving sentimental fool .. who is a very paavam person .. and needs to be loved with the same care one does for a orchid .. provide some support to hold on to.. provide some sustenance .. but not too much as well.. provide some encouragement for you to fly.. but rein you in..

hon.. i love you .. for your tears .. for your fears .. for your smile and your innocent guile in making me write this ..

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