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“This site is very real and makes a great read when we sometimes feel like we are in the dumps and that no one loves us. This is also a great place for people who are skeptical about love *sigh*”

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“If you are a romantic boy or girl you can send your love message and have it published on the blog. However, if you have firmly decided to keep your innermost feelings in yourself, you can read what love can make to people. Believe me, once you start reading, you will spend too much time on”

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“And found it. This website must be what people talk about when they mention web 2.0. Because 95 percent of it involves love letters. These are the deepest feelings of individuals for each other put forth with utmost sincerity in very creative ways. In other words, it is a very special and unique sort of place.”

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“He is a blogger sharing one of the most vital item best acquired by all citizens of the world… love.”

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“I kind of like the idea of expressing your love to someone by writing your message in this site, I guess the owner, Mauro is a die hard romantic for having such a brilliant idea.”

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“This blog is a great example of how positive blogs and blogging can be with a message and a mission to reach one million love messages! Fantastic!”

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“..1 Million Love Messages, a truly unique blog authored by the very romantic Mauro.” “It’s now time for you guys to step in and support this beautiful project. Cruise on over to 1 Million Love Messages and leave a note for your sweetie.”

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“Reading these love messages puts one on a natural high, and you can contribute your love message too! What a perfect way to spread the love, eh?”

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“In a sea of blogs, this on is truly wonderful! The idea is not only unique but beautiful.”

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“If we began to live our lives, as if it was our last day and said what needed to be send, mended what we could, apologized for the pain we may have caused, our world, our lives, may be just a little brighter. You just might see, people with real, genuine smiles on their faces.”

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“Some examples of blogs that I find to be really unique would be sites like In Cinq, 1 Million Love Messages and Happy Slip.”

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