“The New Beginning” of 1 M L M

1 Million Love Messages - The New Beginning

1 Million Love Messages project it’s now absolutely different.
Same philosophy, completely different format!
It’s like a “New Beginning” for this project.
1 year and 3 months Online…
More than 400 Messages posted from all over the World…
550 unique visitors a day (more or less)…
Third – 3º – Place (at the moment) in Blogging to Fame Contest… and expecting some move Votes!

And lots of Blogger friends and Supporters!!!

Reasons enough to make me think about some required changes here.
Based in some reader’s feedback I worked hard, and spent some money, to have these results:

I spent some money in my own Hosting (a big one, I must say)
4 personalized domains – 1millionlovemessages.com / .net/ .org/ .info
Upgrade from Blogger to WordPress (more powerful and flexible)
New template with fresh colours and new organization
New Logo (a Web 2.0 logo?)
I had a Contact Form witch seems to be very important for my readers to send their messages without having to go to their personal Email accounts.
All content (Love Messages included) are now organized by Categories as you can see in my sidebar – I’m still working to finish this! –
Now you can send by mail the Love Messages posted here (not a link… entire messages!)
With the Translator in my Sidebar you can have now 1 Million Love Messages in your Language.
1 Million Love Messages has now a Guestbook
You have now a Love Forum (that’s cool, don’t you think?)
And some other things I don’t remember at the moment 🙂

I’m still working to improve 1 Million Love Messages but I would love to know your Opinion about this “New Beginning”.

Please, Give me your Comments and Suggestions to make a better blog for everyone.
And don’t forget to report bugs if you found some!

And don’t forget… if you really like my work:

Fame Me

And I’m Waiting for Your Love Messages!!!

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